Election legal guide for journalists

This essential guide steers journalists and other communicators through the maze of laws and regulations that apply during the general election campaign.

It’s simple, practical and easy to follow.

It covers essential areas including:

… and much more.

Price: £4.95

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Internet Law

‘This eBook is described as an essential guide, and it certainly sticks to its promise. It is tightly written, and covers the issues in an easy-to-follow, commonsense style.
Mike Dodd: editor, Media Lawyer

A simple, must-read for:

  • journalists, bloggers
  • web writers
  • webmasters
  • social media users
  • web editors
  • content writers
  • PRs

... and anyone who works with the web.

This essential guide covers all the legal and ethical risks with Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites, archives and much more.

Readers can check risks either by spheres – for example, Facebook, Twitter, Message Boards, archives etc. Or they can check them by individual laws – libel, Data Protection Act etc. 

Price: £4.95

Discounts are available for multiple downloads. Email for details

Cleland Thom’s Internet Law eBook is the clearest and most up-to-date practical resource for the online and multimedia world that I have come across.
He has a special skill in spotting and making sense of the risks of communicating in cyberspace, which are much more complicated than in the analogue world of print and broadcasting.
Most journalists, editors and publishers would be astonished to learn that there are aspects of European Law that apply to what they do online.
He is up-to-date with the latest case law streaking like lightning between London, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. Regulation applies from a myriad of bodies; most of which have statutory powers, and they range from the Press Complaints Commission and its successor, to Ofcom and the Advertising Standards Authority.
As our consumption and communication of news, entertainment and social interaction becomes more and more Internet-framed and digital, this book is an invaluable tool and educational resource.
I could not recommend it more highly.